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Do you need more than one Doggy Bathroom?

If you have multiple dogs, you may be wondering if you need a Doggy Bathroom for each one. The short answer is no. It's totally fine to teach your dogs how to share a bathroom. However, this may depend on your dogs’ potty habits and your lifestyle. F

Do I need the Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit or just the Base?

Choosing between the Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit and the Doggy Tray/Base is an important decision. But don’t fret - we’re here to help you decide on the best option for you and your pup!. The Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit. Winner of the Pet Innovation Aw

Adhesive Pee Pads

“These pee pads are the best! My two 8 pound poodles and I love the pee pads and size. I especially like the new red strip. It makes finding the adhesive strip so much easier. We like the size of the pee pads, too ” Mary F. Pet parents just love our

All About The Mats

Keep your floors pristine with our stylish mats, made from washable, absorbent fabric. At the entrance of the Doggy Bathroom, our washable mats are gentle and soft to the touch so your doggy will love to enter and exit their personal dog litter box w

Is the Doggy Bathroom compatible with grass inserts?

Yes - most artificial and natural grass patches are compatible. The bottom of the Doggy Bathroom measures 23 1/2" x 16 1/4”. Please make sure you check the size of the grass patch for compatibility before you buy. Some dogs seek out the feeling of gr

Is the Doggy Bathroom compatible with bark?

If your pup likes the feeling of bark when using the bathroom, you’ll be glad to hear that most bark inserts are compatible with the Doggy Bathroom. When looking for compatible options for your pup’s own personal ensuite, please note that the bottom

Is the Doggy Bathroom compatible with washable pee pads?

Sustainability is something that we value highly, and we know that our Doggy Bathroom customers do as well – that’s why our Starter Kit is made with recyclable plastic and mailed with minimal packaging. Each Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit comes with a se

Pee Pads size

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Doggy Bathroom sizes

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Doggy Bathroom Base Sizes

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