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Do you need more than one Doggy Bathroom?Updated a year ago

If you have multiple dogs, you may be wondering if you need a Doggy Bathroom for each one. 

The short answer is no. It's totally fine to teach your dogs how to share a bathroom. However, this may depend on your dogs’ potty habits and your lifestyle. 

For example, if your dogs are left unattended for a few hours and one of them uses the Doggy Bathroom for number 2, they may not want to use it again until after it has been refreshed. In this case, it would be ideal to have two Doggy Bathrooms. Another example is if you live on multiple floors, doubling up might be beneficial to have a Doggy Bathroom at opposite ends of your home for quick access. Dogs who travel and who are already accustomed to the Doggy Bathroom might also find it beneficial to have one on the go or permanently at their favourite getaway spot.

"We just bought a double pack of the Doggy Bathroom for our two fur babies, Libby and Trooper. Libby is our little girl chihuahua mix and Trooper is our little boy mini fox terrier. The Doggy Bathroom is perfect for them since we both work and are gone 7-8 hours a day, with the two bathrooms there is plenty of "potty space" for both of them." - Kellee I.

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