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Why the Doggy Bathroom Is A Must for Aging Pets

One of the many reasons pet owners turn to the Doggy Bathroom is because they have an older pet. As dogs age, holding it in or finding appropriate places to relieve themselves can become difficult if they can't make it outside in time. And, if you’re

Apartment / Condo Dog Living With Dogs

For many, an apartment or condo is a great place to live. One common question people ask is whether or not they can raise a pet in them. Luckily, the answer is yes! Whether you live in a highrise or are seeking to move into a building with multiple l

Senior dog incontinence - what are the symptoms and how to deal with it.

With older age comes a few health issues. Some senior dogs, regardless of sex or breed, can struggle with incontinence, which is the inability to control their bladder or bowels. Although incontinent dogs experience no pain, it’s better to make some

First steps to bringing a new dog into your family

Bringing a new dog into your family is an exciting stage in everyone’s lives. Whether you are adopting a puppy or an older dog, here are some tips to consider as you welcome your new furry friend into your home and heart. 1. Get your supplies ready.

Moving homes with your dog

While moving can be a fresh start in life, your dog may find your new home to be an unfamiliar environment that takes some getting used to. To make the most out of your move, here are some tips for a stress-free journey for you and your furry friend.

How to care for a dog as a senior

Many seniors find warm companionship with a furry friend. There are various benefits to living with a pet, whether you are seeking unconditional love or an active lifestyle. Caring for a dog can help combat loneliness, create a routine, and, overall,