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Care Instructions: Doggy BathroomUpdated a year ago

With all the hustling and bustling of owning a dog, things can get messy! But luckily for you, cleaning your Doggy Bathroom is as easy as pie. 

One of the best parts of the Doggy Bathroom is that it is easy to clean. Our Doggy Bathroom Pee Pads are super thick and fluffy and designed to hold over 1000mL, ensuring that they absorb your pup’s business and leave the enclosure dry. 

For a quick and simple clean up, we recommend wiping down the enclosure with a cleaning cloth or damp cloth with basic cleaning solution. 

If there is a big mess, you can take it outside and spray it down with a hose, but usually, a quick wipe is all that you need!

Tip 1💡: Try to avoid using strongly scented cleaners as it could deter a dog from using the Doggy Bathroom.

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