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Breed-Specific Training Tips

Top Tips for Potty Training Italian Greyhounds

Welcome! It’s Sterling, back again with more house training tips to help you and your doggy better understand each other. Today, we’re going to be learning all about Italian Greyhounds. I’m an expert because that’s my breed! As indoor dogs, we love t

Top Tips for Potty Training Chihuahuas

House training tips for Chihuahuas - so cute!. They might not be so cute when they are peeing all over your carpet though. Chihuahuas are notoriously difficult to potty train, with a sensitive nature that requires a very patient owner. Thankfully, we

Top Tips for Potty Training Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu’s are one of the most popular small dog breeds and also amongst the top breeds that use the Doggy Bathroom. They are known to be independent and a bit stubborn, which can make it harder for them to learn house breaking rules. However, once y

Top Tips for Potty Training Mini Poodles

Mini poodles are highly intelligent, adaptable, and eager to learn… all of which make them paw-fectly prepared to be trained to use the Doggy Bathrooms. Still, that’s not to say that your pup will not need some guidance in this process!. Today, I hav

Training Tips for a Rescue Dog

Aside from the obvious benefits of rescuing a pup in need, it is also an amazing way to promote responsible dog ownership and care. Still, the difficult past of rescue dogs can complicate training for some pups and owners alike, so we’re happy to off

The Diva series- Understanding Pomeranians

Pomeranians are adorable and lively little dogs that capture the hearts of many pet enthusiasts. We wanted to explore the various aspects of Pomeranian breeding, their temperaments, and provide tips to overcome common challenges during potty training